Founded in 2012 in Madrid, Boxinbox is Spain’s finest music rehearsal studio.

Since then, over 3000 bands have used our 11 studios, located in a buoyant neighbourhood close to Madrid’s city centre.

We deliver a “plug and play” experience. Our clients, both amateur musicians looking for a premium space and professional players who want to feel at home, do not have to worry about anything more than just playing.

All of our rooms are equipped with top-quality backline and designed for a specific kind of music, helping musicians sound better than ever no matter what style they play.

Some examples of our boxes:

  • For British music lovers, one of our boxes is equipped with Vox, Orange and Ashdown amplifiers and a 1968 Premier drum kit.
  • If you’re into Blues, we have a studio with a Marshall Bluesbreaker, a Fender Blues Deville and a small DW Collectors drum set.
  • If you want to get loud, your place is our “Let’s Rock” box, with a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, a Marshall JCM2000 half stack and Yamaha Recording Custom drums with a double pedal.

Our highly skilled team also provides our clients other music-related services:

  • Event production + staff
  • Master classes
  • Video and audio recording
  • Live streaming
  • Corporate training courses
  • Backline rental

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